William Hovious' signature, 1795.


    This update places the Hovious genealogy site back online at its third 'home' in cyberspace following, first, its eviction through Yahoo's closure of Geocities, the platform upon which much of it was originally built; and its subsequent deletion in 2010 by an incompetent web hosting provider.

    The new version of the site offers streamlined menu integration in each individual page and some content changes as well. 2012 will see the release of the 1940 United States Census. In keeping with the privacy guidelines suggested by these dates and already applied by databases such as Rootsweb's Worldconnect, this site will now only include details of persons up to and including those families in which the first child was born before January 1st, 1940.

    As a result of this change the site will no longer be updated with new details of marriages, divorces or births. The new site architecture, however, makes it possible to link directly to pages for individuals within the site, something that the old site's use of frames did not allow. So, if you have a personal page for your own immediate family on the internet, in Facebook, or in some other online medium, and wish to include a link directly to the entry for your grandparents or other relatives on this site, this can now be done.

    Most of this version of the site is made up of backup copies of pages retrieved from hard drives of defunct PCs, last updated between 2003-2009, so the research may not be the most complete presently available; for specific family groups, more detailed information may since have become available on (for example) Ancestry.com.

    During 2000, this site posted 23 separate updatings and received over 4,000 hits. During 2001, there were 7 more updates and over 2,500 hits. During 2002, there were 3 updates and we passed 8,300 hits. During 2003, there were 3 updates the site passed 10,000 hits. At the end of 2005, the site was nearing 14,000 hits. Thank you! If you would like to add information about or photos of your Hovious ancestor to this site, e-mail the Webmaster

    This site revised October 2011.

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Getting Started:
    This site focuses on descendants of William Hovious, who was born in Pennsylvania around 1774 and died in Kentucky by about 1826. So the best place to start is by viewing William's personal page, from which you can view his descendants and his ancestry.

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How this site works:
    You can view an individual's personal page simply by clicking on his or her name from the parent's page; to go back up to their parents' page you simply click on the parents' names. This provides easy understanding of family relationships along the different lines. This site was originally built before the advent of genealogy site-building software - every page was written individually in HTML, so dead links or other errors may appear.

    This site makes no attempt to list all descendants of Hovious' in different lineages, only those who bore the surname Hovious itself.